Monday, September 25, 2006

T minus 2 days and counting

I'm finally starting to get used to the idea of the new itinerary. I took Arianna to the library yesterday and looked up a couple of books on the Galapagos that had a lot of pictures. The following two books had some spectacular pictures.

"The Galapagos Islands" by Pierre Constant 2006

"Galapagos, islands born of fire" by Tui De Roy 1998

Some of the most spectacular pictures were taken on Fernandina and Isabela, although I'm not sure they were from areas that I will actually see. Hopefully I will at least see some of the spectacular scenery.

The other thing that is making me a little happier with the itinerary is that currently is appears as though I may have a room to myself on the Beluga. When I look at ship availability for my dates, there currently shows 1 berth available and noted with female share, last minute rate.

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