Sunday, April 18, 2010

NorCal Eskie Fest

On Saturday morning, I woke up early, ran to the farmer's market, then came home and made this salad. I then hopped on a plane to Pacifica CA for the NorCal Eskie Fest

Here are some of the friends I met at Jenny's house, including two of their dogs, Jackson and Luna.

Everyone brought delicious food to the potluck!

Elise cuts the carrot cake.
Luna tried her best to get some treats.
But then Jenny put her on a leash so she couldn't steal any food.

Look at these delicious looking dog treats.
Elise and Soraya inspect the delicious looking dog treats.
and then taste them....
And then they recruit Kenzie to taste them too!

Looking at all the pictures they took.
California was so cold. I needed to borrow a coat, wear gloves, and drink hot tea to warm up.
Jackson and Luna enjoyed the breeze and the view from Eskie Rock.