Friday, November 12, 2010

West Fork of Oak Creek - Sedona

The hiking group was doing a Veteran's Day hike on West Fork Trail of Oak Creek in Sedona. I don't normally like stream crossing hikes, but I really wanted to see the fall colors, so decided to join in.
Of course, we had hardly hiked at all before we hit the first (of at least 26) stream crossings.
The canyon was beautiful though.
The morning started out very cold - with just a dusting of snow from the night before.
Since it was Veteran's Day, we each had a little flag to carry (and some of us wore red, white, and blue, too).
As usual, I was the slow one on all the streams.

Breaking for lunch at the end of the trail. To go further, you would need to wade through the water.

Help! Don't leave without me! :-)
While I absolutely hated all the stream crossings (and got a wet foot towards the end), this was a beautiful hike. Anyone with balance or who doesn't mind getting wet feet would love it.

Trail stats:

Distance Round Trip 8 miles

Trailhead Elevation 5280 feet

Elevation Gain 200 feet

Avg Time Round Trip 4 hours

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vulture Peak near Wickenburg

I hadn't hiked Vulture Peak near Wickenburg before, so Dennis and I headed out to give it a try.

The trail started of with a gradual climb and then it got steeper.

I was still fighting my camera that was on its last leg, and didn't get any more pictures than this.

Trail Stats:

Distance Round Trip4 miles

Trailhead Elevation2480 feet

Elevation Gain1180 feet

Avg Time Round Trip2 hours