Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mount Rainier National Park

I spent a day visiting Mt. Rainier. It was nice coming from 110+ degree weather in Phoenix to see glaciers in the middle of August. Christine Falls

Eagle Peak Overlook


I didn't expect to see so many snakes. In one area, they were everywhere!
Narada Falls

Paradise Valley

Looking at the glaciers
Because I had limited time, I only went from the Nisqually entrance to the Paradise Valley loop and back down. I didn't have a chance to visit the east side of the park.

Seattle Washington (Aug 2007)

I went to Seattle for a few days to relax and visit my friend Crystal. She had to work during the week days, so I kept myself busy by playing tourist. She said no trip to Seattle was complete without visiting Pike Place Market. When people order fish, they throw the order to you. I guess this was supposed to be entertaining. I was more intriqued by all the painted pigs.
Since I wasn't cooking dinner, I bought a few peaches for a snack.

Later, I had lunch at a fish and chips place on the waterfront. Of course the gulls had to come and beg for food. Crazy people were feeding them most of their lunch.
After lunch, I decided to relax at Discovery Park. I went down to the beach to see the light house.

I saw a few interesting plants and animals near the beach.
There were lots of mollusks attached to rocks on the beach.
And lots of gulls

I spent a few hours watching boats go by and reading a book. It was a very relaxing day.

View of Seattle
Crystal had Saturday off so we made a trip to Snoqualmie Falls.