Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gila Bend is out of this world!

About 70 miles southwest of Phoenix is the small town of Gila Bend. If you are traveling from Phoenix to Yuma or San Diego, or heading down to Rocky Point Mexico, you will probably find yourself driving through this town. I have to admit, I rarely stop for more than a quick bathroom break, fill the gas tank, or to grab something cold to drink.
Outside one of the gas stations on the east side of town are a couple of metal sculptures. Being that it is the desert southwest, I understand the rattlesnake.
Watch out for the fangs on this guy!
I'm still not quite sure how the brontosaurus fits in. At least make it a T-Rex.
If you decide that you must own your very own sculpture (unpainted) just drive a few blocks west and one can be yours.
I can't tell you how disappointed I was that one of these giant beauties wouldn't fit in my car. I so wanted one for my front yard!
Giant metal animals aside, when I think of Gila Bend, I think of one thing. The Space Age Lodge!
Although I've never stayed here, I can't help but think of how hip you would have been to stay here in the early 60s when it was brand new!
There is amazing detail in the exterior design of the building and the signs.

I love how the rooms have little space ships on their doors. It also looked like glitter or something was embedded in the exterior paint. When the sun caught it just right, the building glistened.
Even the detail around the pool is amazing. All the pool hardware is stored in the geodesic dome on the left side of the picture.