Sunday, April 24, 2011

Watson Lake, Prescott AZ

The hiking group headed up to Watson Lake near Prescott to hike the Peavine Trail. However, we made a slightly wrong turn and ended up on the Lakeshore Trail instead.

The tail took us around a few wetlands areas before turning towards the granite dells.

We had fun climbing up the various granite rock formations and looking at the blue lake below. waking me for the entire lake......

On the way back, we found this snake alongside the trail.

Trail Stats:

Distance One Way 2 miles

Trailhead Elevation 5198 feet

Elevation Gain 100 feet

Avg Time One Way 1+ hours

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Black Mesa-Hackberry Springs Loops (Superstitions)

All bundled up at the start of the hike. Hopefully 4 layers plus hat and gloves will be warm enough.
Can you believe that it snowed in the Phoenix area in April?
An hour into the hike, I'm brave enough to remove my hat ... but not my gloves. My hiking buddies have already stripped down to short sleeves.
Two hours into the hike and a snack break. My gloves come off :-)
OK, I only took the gloves off to make it easier to eat. My hands were still cold!
7 miles into a 10.6 mile hike and the windbreaker finally came off. Will 3 layers be warm enough?
A few of the hills.
Such grace! I hate going downhill!
I'm not a fan of stream crossings... especially when there's water and you have to cross the SAME stream 20X!
Only 1 mile left to go!

Trail Stats:

Distance Round Trip 10.5 miles

Trailhead Elevation 2300 feet

Elevation Gain 480 feet

Accumulated Gain 1125 feet

Avg Time Round Trip 6 hours