Monday, October 03, 2011

Exploring Choquequirao

I started taking an antibiotic at dinner and only had to make a couple of trips to the bathroom during the night. I woke up in the morning feeling a bit better and to this incredible view.

Since I didn't feel sick to my stomach, I decided to eat an omelette for breakfast along with a piece of bread. It felt like it might actually stick with me. After breakfast, we started the 40 minute walk to one of the agricultural sectors of the Choquequiroa ruins.

Going down to the ruins was a bit of a struggle for me. I was still quite weak and my balance and depth perception were off. I contemplated going back to the campsite, but when I caught this view, I was glad that I had made the effort.

What was even better was that we were the only people there!

We began descending down the steep narrow steps, feeling like we were going to step off the side of the mountain.

Finally we could see the ruins beneath us.

There were only a couple of buildings in this sector.
The Incas were clearly shorter than me!

We then headed away from the ruins and towards the waterfall.

I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to break out the hoop I had been hauling around with me!

The waterfall was beautiful and this would have been a great place to swim, but it was way too cold and windy out.

After 2-3 hours, we headed back towards the ruins so we could head back to our campsite for lunch.

We had to climb up another set of very tall, steep stairs to leave the lower agricultural sector.

Between the steps and the 40 minute hike back to the campsite, I was worn out and starting to feel feverish again. After lunch, I went to the tent to take a nap, while the others returned to other sections of Choquequirao.

I had really wanted to see the llama terraces, but knew that I had to spend the afternoon sleeping and recovering. Emilie was kind enough to share the picture she took. (Had I not gotten sick, we would have spent less time at Choquequirao and nobody would have seen the llama terraces, so technically, I didn't "miss" this sector).

The rest of the group spent the afternoon exploring other areas and watching condors over a beautiful sunset (or so they claim!). I was snuggled up in my sleeping bag snoring away. By dinner, I felt better and actually had my appetite back.

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